5 Reasons to go to a Hackathon


Last weekend I flew to Zurich to attend my second “Hack Zurich”, the biggest hackathon in Europe. Overall that was the fifth time I went to a hackathon and while I got on the plane I found myself thinking, “Why do people go to hackathons? What is it that makes people want to spend their whole weekend working on a project they’ve just come up with?” So during the weekend I tried to find out several reasons to got to a hackathon. Read those reasons here!

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Hacking for female refugees


About a year ago I attended my first hackathon and I have been to a couple more since. I always enjoy going to hackathons and find them inspiring. Recently I went to a really special hackathon which I found worth writing about again. Click here to read the whole post.


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Condé Nast International Hackathon 2014


In the weekend of 22 – 23 November I participated in my first ever hackathon. Yes that’s right hackathon. For the people who have no clue at all what that entails and might be thinking that hacking is all about stealing nude photos of celebrities, a hackaton is an event that generally lasts 24 hours where developers come together to work intensively on software projects. You’re right, It probably can’t get any more geeky than that, but my first hackathon was organised by Condé Nast International (the big publishing firm that publishes amongst others, Vogue, Wired, Tatler and GQ). So a it was bit more glamorous than the average hackathon 😉 This video was made during the event and shows quite accurately what happened:

The whole weekend was a fantastic experience and I would recommend anyone who’s interested in developing or designing software to participate in a hackathon at least once in your life. I was really surprised by how much you can achieve in just 24 hours (including sleep, yes I know, I cheated..). Everyone was extremely motivated, which really inspired me. It is really cool to be working with people from different developing backgrounds and I certainly learned a lot from my teammates. Even though we only just met, our group became quite close and our hard work definitely paid of because we won the third prize! So that means I’ll receive a year’s subscription to one of the fabulous Condé Nast magazines 😀

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